• You can use it while you are waiting for charging or while you are waiting for someone.But for your safety, we do not recommend you to use it during driving.
  • Customization: Inspired by the design of the central control tray of Tesla model 3 model Y, it was later found that this tray is suitable for many models. Many car owners have this trouble, eating and working in the car are uncomfortable. This laptop desk can solve these troubles.
  • Special design: Before we made this pallet, we tested many other pallets on the market. They are very small and will wear out your steering wheel. This tray is used together with the center console and the door frame, which is more stable and has more space. It’s worth buying.
  • Multifunctional: The portable tray can be used for eating, working and traveling. Must fit your car perfectly, multi-purpose for driver and co-pilot, more fun time with your driver.
  • High quality: Unlike other pallets sold in plastic materials, Topfit pallets are high-density boards. Real carbon fiber surface design. The smooth edge treatment makes the entire tabletop more refined and more practical.
    Easy to use and carry: using this watch in your Tesla Model Y and Model 3 will be the perfect travel accessory. The hinge design makes it easier to open and close, and the embedded nut is stronger and can work more safely, even during driving. The medium can also remain stable.